The Leaka and I

Literature has always been a jewish tradition. Not by chance we are known as the People of the Book

Since the five books of Moses it never stopped. Talmudic treatises and its commentators form the core of rabbinical wisdom. There followed centuries of diaspora and persecution. It was born the need of a more poignant personal account. Sholem Aleichem, Bialik, I. L. Peretz, Isaac Singer, and many others translated the struggles and hopes of those who burn of passion for life.

With the advent of the modern State of Israel, the focus has changed. The Israelis are in the limelight, sharing the stage with the Americans. And what about the Jewish culture in emerging countries, such as Brazil? It isn’t even mentioned. A mere line on the ethnographic IBGE’ map. That didn't stop a spectacularly disproportionate contribution compared to tiny numbers. In Art, Clarice Lispector and Moacyr Scliar are great examples.

This book is to remind us how vibrant it can be jewish contribution in tropical lands. The main character, I., does not always react well to the environment in which he is inserted. Hidden behind piles of DVDs, I. refutes the external environment. The fame of religious also serves as the perfect excuse for a progressive isolation.

Then comes the leaká and implode his routine. More than that, Chana comes into his life. Full of opinions and of disruptive spirit, this beautiful girl plucks I. from his comfort zone. And nothing will ever be as before when one is summoned by fate... Good read.stino... Good read !



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